Reasons Adults Avoid Wearing Hearing Aids

According to statistics, 15% of Americans adults suffer from a hearing deficiency and not all of them are keen to use hearing aids. The National Institute of Deafness and other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) of the US has reported that 28.8 million of American adults can improve their lifestyle by wearing hearing aids.

But even after all these statistics available in front of us, adults are still not a big fan of hearing aids and the situation is similar all over the world.

Is Buying Affordable Hearing Aid A Good Idea Or Not?

According to statistics, not many adults who suffer from hearing loss and are recommended hearing aids use those aids, or in some cases even buy them at all. There are many reasons for them to refuse taking aid from a device to hear. These include embarrassment or feeling uncomfortable. Obviously, putting something foreign in your ear doesn’t sound too appealing, but there are many who don’t use it not because they don’t want to, but because they are unable to afford it.

3 Reasons to Wear Your Hearing Aid

For people who have always lived their lives independently, it is difficult to come to terms with any kind of disability at a later age. According to stats, around 80% of the adults of age 55 to 74 years who are diagnosed with any kind of hearing disability don’t pay attention to their audiologist's words. Why is that? The following are some of the reasons adults shared behind their refusal of using a hearing aid and our advice on how to overcome these feelings: